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Zija’s coolest product is the XM Energy drinks & the Smart Mix combined! Discuss one powerful ars organic energy drinks. It has the nutritional benefits of the beloved Smart Mix with the powerful energistic and driving properties of the XM3 Energy Drinks to create the Extreme Moringa Energy Drinks! This all-natural and organic powder blend of the XM is a perfect way to soak up all the cell-ready nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, omega oils and proteins in combination with the energy you need throughout the day. Trust us when say you will love the way this will make you feel! And at the same time frame your nourishing and protecting the body! What energy drinks company can say that and be telling the truth?XM combines the same dosage and potency of the nutrition found in the Zija Smart Mix along with Zija proprietary energy mix of plant-based natural Caffeine, natural Desert Tea, natural Green tea extract, Fruit Pectin, naturally occurring Trimethlglycine (TMG), Ginseng, natural Allium  How's our Energy Drinks Different?It’s all organic and enzymatically alive. Your body recognizes it as being food! There is no other product available on the market or in the world with this particular kind of nutritional potency. I challenge you to identify something better! It doesn’t exist. Whether it be an energy drinks line or nutrition supplement you’re looking for, you get everything in 1 and it'll go right to operate in your cells and make for a much more powerful you! Zija XM Energy Drinks BonusNot only does Zija offer this awesome energy drinks but we offer some awesome discounts and bonus’s if you are on our preferred customer list! You can generate points for every single order and employ these towards other purchases!